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House Extension Building Sequence From Start To Finish

Building a house extension can be a complex process, but here is a general sequence of steps that are typically followed:

  1. Planning & Design: The first step in building a house extension is creating a plan and design. This involves assessing the structural viability of the existing house, determining what type of extension is desired, and obtaining any necessary planning approvals.
  2. Foundations: Once the plan and design are finalised, the site needs to be prepared. This includes creating a foundation as per the architect plans.
  3. Brickwork: The next step is to build up the walls from foundation to the roof with a single or double skinned wall. Structural lintels are installed where the doors and windows are going to be.
  4. Floor Screed: Insulate and pour screed to the floor. At this point you can lay underfloor pipes and heating systems.
  5. Roof: The next step is to do the structural elements of the roof, such as installation of structural steel beams, wall plates and timbers to support the roof. Installation of a roof membrane, batons, roof tiles complete the exterior of the extension. Install gutters and down pipes.
  6. Windows & doors: Install windows, roof lights and doors and now your build is now water tight.
  7. Plumbing & Electrical: With the shell in place first fix plumbing and electrical systems can be installed.
  8. Insulation & Plaster Boarding: Once the plumbing and electrical systems are in place, insulation can be installed, followed by plaster boarding and plastering.
  9. Install the major part of the room such as a kitchen or bathroom: Installation of the feature of the room is now done, as is the second fix of electrical and plumbing.
  10. Flooring & Finishing: With the kitchen/ bathroom installed the finishing touches can be added, such as paint, trim, and fixtures.
  11. Final Inspection: The final step in building a house extension is obtaining a final inspection. This ensures that the extension meets all building controls standards and safety requirements.

Overall, building a house extension can be a time-consuming and complex process, but with careful planning and attention to detail, it can be a great way to add value and space to your home.

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